The Adventure Continues

Duchess looked over at the large purple gumdrop running beside her in despair. Her head wouldn’t stop pounding and sweat began to burn her eyes. I must be dreaming, she thought to herself. The sound of General Sharaya’s voice quickly reminded her that she was very much awake, but all Duchess could remember was lying on a hard cement floor in the dark dungeons of Clown Town. Even though Duchess finally found out the truth about the nature of Jax and the clowns, one true friend comes to her rescue and the journey to Pearl City begins.

The celestials and fairies find themselves battling ancient dark forces more powerful than the dark star Epsilon Eridani, that seek to unite the 13 heavens under the dark deity, Iona Draconis. Mancai the Sorcerer emerges from his dark exile and with the blessings of the lords of darkness, seeks to complete Epsilon’s mission of gathering the 13 star scrolls and unlocking their power.

Despite being subject to the oppression of the Deylai and Martian forces, Measles finds a long-lost friend and travels the universe in search of the true meaning of loyalty. Even though the Tanatoorian Pirate Captain Naman takes Measles on an adventure to new places, Measles ends up in the middle of the epic conflict between the immortal celestials and the dark stars.  

As the Queen of all stars Felanthiam Celenamis rides her great celestial dragon into battle, the fate of the heavens of light lies in the hands of a simple village girl, but a prophecy told by the dead souls of Lyanthra may snuff out the light in the 13 realms of space and time. When the prophecy is fulfilled and the Ancient Supreme Sorceress Vangemtra rises from the dead, all beings of the 13 heavens wonder if war between the 13 heavenly realms will plunge their worlds into darkness forever.



Book 1: Escape to Clown Town

Coming Soon

Book 2: Escape to Pearl City

Book 3: The Legend of the Star Scrolls: The Lost Souls Guide to the 13 Heavens

Book 4: The War of the 13 Heavens

Book 5: The Revenge of the Clowns

Book 6: The Children of the Stars

Book 7: The Last Stars of the Arokayan Universe