Tephra Miriam Partners with Junior Achievement for Volta Elementary School Career Day

DVcTn4EX0AA7HH-Tephra Miriam partnered with Junior Achievement of Chicago for Volta Elementary School’s Career Day earlier this year. Over 100 middle-grade students were exposed to learning about being an entrepreneur and what it takes to bring a story to life. Tephra discussed every component of authorship from concept and design to editing, publishing and communications.

Junior Achievement’s Career Days provide students with exposure to diverse college and career paths. Mentors have the opportunity to share words of wisdom on how to navigate college and careers.

I tried to leave every student with one big takeaway. I told them that you often don’t have to look too hard to find what you’re good at. Tap into what you are passionate about now and weave it into your future. 

– Tephra Miriam


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