The Last Song of Aurora Borealis

In chapter 6 of Escape to Pearl City, Duchess and her family attend the funeral of Queen Chalay of the royal Faree clan, who is Duchess’ mother. Here Aurora Borealis sings the song that is sung at the time of death known as, the last song.

Enjoy listening to The Last Song of Aurora Borealis from the Escape to Pearl City soundtrack.

E may a o


E-may-a-o, E-may-a-o, E-may-a-o, E-may-a-o

For one to fall, leaves one to rise.

May starlight never leave your eyes.

The way unknown, the journey deep.

You held my heart and led my feet.


E-may-a-o, E-may-a-o, E-may-a-o, E-may-a-o

These words are mine, and mine to give.

Even though my last, with you I live.

Love never dies, love always lives.

In our lives, our hearts, our minds, our lips.


E-may-a-o, E-may-a-o, E-may-a-o, E-may-a-o

The sun will rise, the stars will shine.

I’ll see your face and you’ll see mine.

Forever ends, it’s not for long.

And we’ll be there with the stars at home.


Written, produced and performed by Tephra Miriam.