The Legend Of The Star Scrolls

The legend of the star scrolls starts to unfold in Escape to Clown Town and will be told in full in book three, The Legend of the Star Scrolls. We first learn of them in chapter 4 of  Escape to Clown Town.

“Ah, dear brother, I am bored. I long to dance…sing…or hear an earth story. Did you hear the stories that the old teacher told when we went to the starlight celebration?”

Orion, who is one of the many Grand Lords of the constellations, jumped to his feet.

“Such tales make me shine brighter than I ever have before. I grow weary of shining in the night sky. I wish to be a writer and tell tales of all of the sights and sounds that I have seen in my travels.”

Orion sat down exhausted from jumping and shouting. Breathing heavily Orion continued his rant.

“I long…I long to write of all of the magic that the universe contains. From the magic of Earth to Mars and all of the secrets that I have learned from the conjurers of Saturn, Arokaya and beyond. Brother, I shall get the teacher to write of these things. Yes! We shall write of all that we know. We will make the parchment from the trees of the Eucrachian forest and make ink from the tar pits of Saturn.”

You see the very word of the celestials has the power to change space and time. Orion not only poured his knowledge into the scrolls that the teacher wrote but the very power of the universe. The teacher took stories from Arev, Felanthiam and Rigil. The combination of each of their powers was captured in the star scrolls, creating a force like none other. When the fairies discovered the power of the scrolls they knew that the star scrolls were not safe on Earth.

4 Things You Must Know About the Star Scrolls…

  1. There is a magical form unique to each scroll that link them together.
  2. The power of the scroll is unlocked through movement and incantations.
  3. There are 13 scrolls in all that are scattered in different galaxies in the lower and upper heavens.
  4. The 13th scroll is the most powerful and the key to unleashing the full power of all the scrolls.

The Legend of the Star Scrolls is told by Orion who starts his long and epic tale with a letter to all who gaze upon the star scrolls.

“To all whose eyes meet the star scrolls collected from the vast reaches of this universe and the worlds beyond space and time, BEWARE and heed my warning! In my naivety I thought that I could bring together the darkness and the light by unifying the souls of the darkest beings in the universe and beyond with the celestials. Each scroll was affirmed by the ancient council of Crepusculum and given power over all in the universe, even space and time. 

These scrolls are a collection of the powers of both darkness and light and the power of each scroll is wielded by the virtue of our mouths and the movement of our bodies and souls. The stories and written word in each scroll are the inner yearnings and darkest desires of the most powerful beings in the universe, who have poured forth a piece of their very mind into parchment so that their existence may live on forevermore.”

The 13 star scrolls consist of 6 scrolls of dark magic and 6 celestial scrolls. The 13th scroll is the scroll of the 13 kingdoms of heaven. This scroll bears the seal of all of the writers of the 13 scrolls. The ancient supreme sorceress Vangemtra, stole the scroll during the old wars and locked it by shedding her own blood.

“The one that sheds blood to seal the 13th star scroll is the only one who can open it…” 

The 13 Scrolls

  1. The Arokayan Scroll of the Centauri’s. FACT: Arokayan magic is the oldest form of magic in the universe.
  2. The Scroll of Felanthiam and the Celestial Dragons
  3. The Scroll of High Celestial King Augustus Celenamis
  4. The Scroll of the Burning Suns
  5. The Scroll of Rigil 
  6. The Scroll of Orion
  7. The Scroll of the Trolls of Alniyah
  8. The Scroll of Meggido
  9. The Martian Scroll of Eoba
  10. The Scroll of Ranis and the Dark Souls of Lyanthra
  11. Vangemtra and the Scroll of the Kingdom of Witches
  12. The Scroll of Ash and Shadow
  13. The Scroll of the 13 Realms of Heaven

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