Tephra Miriam Hosts #AuthorAMA Discussion On Writing With Intensity

Tephra Miriam hosted an AMAFeed discussion on what it means to write with intensity. Tephra interacted with over 40 different people that asked questions about her writing, publishing and creative process.

Writing with intensity means to write with purposeful strength, power, potency and force. It’s what lies beneath the basic intention and grammatical construct of writing and turns writing into a tool for change. 

-Tephra Miriam

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 11.50.11 AM.png

AMAFeed has reinvented interviews. An Ask MAnything (AMA) Event is an authentic way to raise awareness to the things and causes that matter to you most.

Whatever your story is – there is always someone who can benefit from it and learn from your ups and downs. And you – you get a great feedback and insight into what sparks people’s interest and get to connect with like minded folks from around the globe.


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