The New Lord of the Rings: “Escape to Clown Town” Hits the Market With Heavy Anticipation

The old storytelling styles of Tolkien and Lewis have been re-born and pumped with steroids. The wildly creative work, “Escape to Clown Town” has finally launched. The magical tale is the first in its 6 book series and is predicted to make waves.

CHICAGO – Jan. 13, 2018 – PRLog — “Escape to Clown Town” is a new breed of writing that embraces innocence and fearlessly tackles the true meaning of evil. Inspired by the old works of Tolkien, Lewis and Jane Austin, it throws itself into an exquisitely crafted universe that successfully marries the whimsicality of fantasy with an in depth look at good versus evil.

“It’s not just a story. It lives and breathes and fearlessly (yet age appropriately) tells a coming of age tale of a young girl that is swept up in a journey that is bigger than she ever imagines. It inspires those who read it to dream big and overcome adversity. It has a diverse melting pot of characters that mirrors the world we live in, which forces us to reflect on society.” – Tephra Miriam, Author of “Escape to Clown Town

This older middle-grade/young adult hybrid novel is sure to capture and wow audiences young and old.

TEPHRAMIRIAM Films Launches New Book Trailer for ‘Escape to Clown Town’

CHICAGO – Jan. 27, 2018 – TEPHRAMIRIAM Films took the lead in producing the new book trailer for ‘Escape to Clown Town’. This exciting feature provides a colorful and profound view of the work. The voiceover was completed by none other than the books author, Tephra Miriam. Miriam reads portions of the book throughout the work.  featured the ‘breathlessly cool’ trailer on the landing page of their website.