A Word from Tephra: What Clown Town Actually Represents

I’ve always had quite the active imagination. I still remember seeing Clown Town in a dream a few years ago. That image stuck with me and is still evolving in ways that I never imagined that it would. It’s deeply connected to the world I grew up in as a child and the experiences that I’ve had as an adult. I think that all of us have our own places where we’ve always felt like an outsider or that we are pretending to play a part. All of this is what Clown Town actually represents.

So what is Clown Town? 

Clown Town is the place where you have to play a part in order to fit in. We slap on that costume and smile, smile, smile, but who are we really?


Clown Town has a very capitalistic representation as well. It’s about power and wealth at any cost.


Clown Town represents the things that we want growing up that aren’t really what we think they are on the surface.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to write something that will hopefully influence young people to think about the life that they’re living. Duchess’ journey into a fake world that actually despises her is a powerful one. As the story continues, she will have to choose to be bound by her hatred of the clowns or freed by her new found destiny.

We all have this choice.

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