The world today is quite different than it was when I was growing up. We are fighting new battles and having to climb mountains bigger than we’ve ever imagined. Yet in this darkness lies hope. It is that hope and light that gave me the vision of this story and I am forever grateful to be given such a beautiful gift.

This work was forged by the fires of my life and I am so grateful to my friends, family, mentors and kindness of strangers that have encouraged me to continue on this path. It was the mixture of academic, professional, spiritual and personal exploration that birthed this story. I am also grateful for every trial, tribulation and obstacle that I faced during this time because the opposition strengthened my resolve to work even harder.  

For all of the storytellers and great minds that have invested in me over the years, thank you for your kindness and contribution. I pray that the words on each page of this book stir every reader to new thoughts, adventure, play, peace, imagination and wisdom. Now is the time to expand how we think about the world and each other. Now is the time to be united as one.