The Fairish War Cry, Kayacum No Ai

Kayacum No Ai | Kai-a-cum No Aye | A fairish war cry that means soon our enemies will be conquered.

One of the most dazzling characters in the Clown Town trilogy is General Sharaya. In book 2 Escape to Pearl City, the General delivers a moving speech to her elite fighting unit in one of the darkest times during the siege of the grand celestial palace of Queen Felanthiam Celenamis and King Augustus.

“Today…right now is what is before us and what we have been freely given. Today we stand together as one to protect all that has made us who we are and has given us light and breath in our bodies. Today we say to the darkness, you will not take us. Today we say to the darkness you will not win. Today we will not run and hide but we will fight, for today we become who we are and we abandon our faults for today is our time to shine in glory!”

“Tears came to my eyes as I wrote this speech. Imagine a women who is a true warrior, stand strong in the face of adversity and death and say no, today you cannot take from us everything that we are. It’s a powerful message for all of us to remember when we’re face to face with our ultimate fear. It’s about becoming who we are called to be in moments of crisis and despair. No matter what we have done wrong or even right in the past. Today…right now we stand.”

-Tephra Miriam